Rural & forest

“ Régnier Notaires will assist you in the acquisition, valuation and transfer of your forest, rural, and viticultural assets. ”

Régnier Notaires provides advice and assistance to both groups and families in rural, forest and viticultural law throughout France.
Our command of rural law, as well as our expertise in tax and corporate law allow us to address the current legal issues of an agricultural world that is completely in flux.
Nathalie Rocher counsels certain major actors in this sector, specifically in viticultural law.

Associate notary in charge of the department:

Services offered:

  • Possession of an agricultural asset: determination of the adequate structure and formation of companies such as civil operating partnerships, forestry groups, agricultural land groups or rural land groups,
  • Acquisition of agricultural assets: assistance in agricultural asset acquisition, agricultural operations, or shares in agricultural companies, preliminary audits, drafting of deeds of sale, establishment of guarantees for assets and liabilities,
  • Operation of agricultural assets: creation of operating structures, restructuring of corporate groups, analysis of position, particularly with regard to the status of rural leases or control of structures, drafting of rural leases or availability agreements,
  • Transfer of agricultural assets: familial distributions and other gifts allowing parties to benefit from favourable tax schemes in agricultural areas, such as the Dutreil pact, specific tax breaks under a long-term rural lease, or even woods and forests subject to a simple management plan.
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