The Notarial Office was formed on 20 February 1650 under the reign of Louis XIV, rue Coquillière, in one of the five Parisian parishes that at the time formed the heart of Paris.

With the parishes of Saint-Jacques de la Boucherie, Saint-Josse, Saint-Opportune and Saints-Innocents “all turned towards les Halles”, the parish of Saint-Eustache, to which the Office reported, formed the nerve centre of Paris. Indeed “in the 17th century, les Halles was not only a place that had a high concentration of the population, but also where all of the social categories were represented, from the merchant from the heart of les Halles to the minister and financier established at the north of Palais Royal in the parish of Saint-Eustache. ”


François Le Fouin, holder of the first appointment, was the Notary of Mazarin and one of Colbert’s notaries. Starting in 1665, he would also become “advisor-secretary to the king”, Clerk to the Private Counsel and secretary of the navy.

The appointment was then transferred to Pierre Savalette in title, although the practice went to Noël de Beauvais.

Noël de Beauvais also inherited the prestigious clientele of François Le Fouin.

From 1794 to 1859, the Office was transferred to the 1st district of Paris, quartier Saint-Roch, 2, rue Thérèse, and then moved to 28, rue des Moulins, then to 18, rue Sainte-Anne, being established at 20, rue des Pyramides in 1914, and then in November 2000 at 16, rue des Pyramides, its current address.

The central minutes register holds the minutes of the Office [Etude], known as “Etude 95” since its creation in 1650.

The successors of François Le Fouin and Noël de Beauvais were:

  • Pierre Deherain, who practised from 3 November 1770 to 18 April 1804,
  • Denis Le Pelletier, who practised from 18 April 1804 to 20 April 1820,
  • Joachim Perret, who practised from 20 April 1820 to 8 June 1841,
  • Léon Goudechaux, who practised from 8 June 1841 to 10 December 1857,
  • Phileas Vassal, who practised from 10 December 1857 to 28 October 1887,
  • Armand Aron, who practised from 28 October 1887 to 1st April 1914,
  • Robert Revel, who practised from 1st April 1914 to 29 October 1946,
  • Marcel Baron, who practised from 29 October 1946 to 29 November 1978,
  • Michel Hussenot-Desenonges, who practised from 28 April 1971 to 9 December 1992,
  • Marie-Anne Geoffroy Bergier, who practised from 29 November 1978 to 7 March 1995,
  • Jean-Luc Régnier, who practised from 29 November 1978 to 8 August 2013,
  • Luc Bouvet, who practised from 2 April 1997 to 29 December 2015,
  • Gérard Hervet, who practised from 9 December 1992 to 17 July 2017,
  • Jean-Louis Régnier, who practised from 26 March 1975 to 9 August 2016,
  • And Charles Bricard, who practised from 9 August 1995 to 9 February 2019.

The associate Notaries of the Notarial Office now known as Régnier Notaires are:

  • François Thessieux, an associate since 5 March 1997,
  • Ulrich Bédel, an associate since 9 November 2011,
  • Nicolas Fortassin, an associate since 8 August 2013,
  • Philippe Vidal, an associate since 21 December 2015.

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