Family & asset management

“We advise and assist you in all of your family’s important decisions.”

Our work is closely related to the major events that may arise for families.
We assist you in these situations and help you establish the legal tools you need to be protected.
Faced with the new demands of modern family life, and fiscal and international restrictions, we design and organise solutions adapted to your situation.

Associate notary in charge of the department:

Services offered:

  • Protection for or during a union: marriage contract, civil partnership, establishment/change of matrimonial scheme,
  • End of union in case of separation/divorce, or death: liquidation of matrimonial property, division/assignment for auction, whether or not jointly owned, settlement of estate, family pact,
  • Early transfer of assets: simple gift, inter-vivos gift, transgenerational inter-vivos gift, gradual or residual gift, Dutreil pact, familial LBO, subdivision of ownership, quasi usufruct agreement, early waiver of action to abate,
  • Formation of familial companies, whether or not they are subject to corporate income tax,
  • Incapacity prevention and last wishes for end-of-life care: mandate for future protection, mandate effective posthumously, early directives,
  • Estate planning: will, life insurance beneficiary clause, measures to protect a vulnerable relation,
  • Sponsorship: association, formation and endowment fund,
  • International context:
    • Matrimonial scheme (declaration of law applicable to the matrimonial scheme),
    • International gift,
    • Testamentary dispositions when there is an international element, choice of law applicable to the estate (professio juris),
    • International estate.
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