Real estate & professional investment

“ Whether you are active in the French or foreign real estate businesses, we have an obligation to get results for your projects: we assist you from the earliest stages, securely making your projects a reality. ”

Régnier Notaires provides you with a team comprised of experienced jurists specialised in professional real estate, advertising and development who will assist you in completing your operations.
We expand, divide in terms of volume or co-ownership, combine, gather and adjust.
We imagine the cities of tomorrow with you, respecting the environment and legal restrictions.

Associate notaries in charge of the department:

Services offered:

  • Régnier Notaires provides advice and assistance:
    by compiling the documentation related to real estate assets, getting electronic data rooms online and managing them, auditing buildings for acquisition or sale, drafting summary memos and full audit reports in French and English, consulting on the various legal issues that could arise (tax, urban planning, construction, easements, legal set-up of transactions, analysis of building permits, usage, public law and land-use development, assistance in tender procedures, etc.),
  • Régnier Notaires makes your real estate projects a reality:
    whether it’s a sale or purchase, structured financing, or the use of construction leases, leases for a state of future completion or long-term leases.
    For a housing programme or the assignment of a real estate portfolio, a development project, a real estate developer’s contract, a sale for future state of completion, etc.,
  • Régnier Notaires provides organisation and security to your projects:
    dividing the land or buildings, placing real estate assets into co-ownership, or proportioning by volume.
    By assisting you in all procedures prior to and subsequent to your real estate operations (easements, leases, formation of companies, etc.).
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